Society Travel Fellowships

The South African Glaucoma Society wishes to encourage the training and advanced education of Ophthalmologists in the field of Glaucoma. 
Travel Fellowships are now available.
Moorfields Eye hospital has an established observership programme which will be used for the first Fellowships

EGS Registrar Course


EGS European Glaucoma Resident’s Course

March 27th - 28th 2020, Lisbon, Portugal


NEW Opportunity!!  The South African Glaucoma Society is delighted to announce yet another opportunity for 2 Registrars to attend the EGS European Glaucoma Resident’s course.

ALL registrars who meet the following criteria may apply:  

  1. Registrar must be in an HPCSA accredited training facility. 
  2. Must have completed the part 1b (Intermediates), and in preparation to write the final exam. 
  3.  If you have completed the final FCOphth exams (part2), and waiting for your registrar time to finish, you must at least have a minimum of three months leftas a registrar in the department upon your arrival from the EGS course. This will ensure that you will be able to transfer the knowledge gained to other registrars
  4. You must have your MMED ethics approval for your study in place upon application/submission. The study does not have to be completed, however, in the event of a tie with candidates fulfilling all criteria equally, a completed and submitted MMED study will be favorable.
  5. You must have attended the SAGS congress at least once in your registrar time (attendance as an MO will not count). Participation at a SAGS congress in the form of presentation or a poster will be favorable.
  6. You must submit a brief letter of motivation, explaining why you should be selected for the course. This should not exceed 300 words using a font size of 12.
  7. HOD’s involvement: A letter of recommendation from your Head of Department will be required. This is to ensure that the applicant is in good standing with the department, and fulfills all the criteria.



  1. Copy of HPCSA registration as a registrar
  2. Proof of completion of the Part 1B (Intermediate) exams
  3. MMED dissertation ethics approval letter
  4. Proof of previous SAGS attendance and participation (Poster/presentation). You may submit your CPD certificate from SAGS, and the topic of your poster/presentation
  5. Letter of endorsement from your Head of Department


All documents must be submitted on or before 18 October 2019 to the following email address:  

For more information call Lauren on 076 605 4175